Baba Yaga Farm
Contact: Libby Valluzzi
Address: P. O. Box 304 Lopez Island, WA, 98261
Email Address:
Phone: 206-913-1319
About Us
We grow pastured meat chickens slaughtered on-farm (not available through the Hub) and vegetables on the north end of Lopez Island. Our team consists of husband and wife Libby and Andrew, and our young son Eamon.
We emulate what we see in natural ecosystems and replicate it as close as we can by leaving the soil covered as much as possible, keeping the soil planted as much as possible, and disturbing the soil as little as possible. These three tenets of no-till practice, in combination with rotational grazing of our animals, compost application, mulching, diverse crop planting, seed-saving, and non-chemical soil nutrient amendments, help us tend and grow the hard-working soil microbes that create nutritious and vibrant food for us. We use no chemicals and minimal fossil-fuel machinery (we do not use tillers or tractors on the soil); work is done mostly by hand using simple tools. The garden sequesters carbon via regenerative soil practices, and we use filtered rain water for irrigation.