Snowberry Farm
Contact: Candace and Erik Jagel
Address: 46 Evergreen Lane Friday Harbor, WA, 98250
Email Address:
Phone: 360-378-4009
About Us
We are a small, diversified farm, producing goat meat and milk, eggs, fruit, and greens on Little Mountain, on San Juan Island. This land was homesteaded by at least 1897, with orchards across the upper reach and hay in the rocky lower pastures. The ancient pear at our gate still bears prolifically. About twenty years ago, our family reclaimed the land from Himalayan blackberries and hawthorns, but we left the snowberry bushes and became Snowberry Farm. We keep up to 30 Nubian and Saanen goats and about 50 laying hens.
Snowberry Farm follows the principles of regenerative agriculture, building soil health and raising our crops and animals using organic products. Our goats and chickens relish their organic feed, and we use their manure and bedding to build our soil. We also apply biochar, kelp meal, humates, and raw milk to feed the soil microbial community. We feel the transformation of energy into carbon into food is an everyday miracle. Questions? Please email