New Hannah Farm
Contact: Zach Chan
Address: 3148 Bailer Hill Rd Friday Harbor, WA, 98250
Email Address:
Phone: 360-298-1746
About Us
New Hannah Farm is a small, diversified vegetable farm on the west side of San Juan Island, WA. We focus on growing high quality produce for local residents and businesses and hope to serve as an educational resource for aspiring farmers. Our work and mission is to cultivate community around local food and the continuous pursuit of quality, education, and sustainability on every level — physical, spiritual, economic, and ecological. Of the farm's 163 acres, 150 are under a conservation easement with the Preservation Trust.
We are using organic growing practices, though we are not certified organic. We are transitioning from "minimal-till" to intensive "no-till" farming to increase food production, protect soil heath, sequester carbon, reduce our carbon emissions, and conserve water.